Gorgeous Ruby Summers shows off her hot curves and blutjungen barefeet wearing only a skimpy lingerie in another very intense tickle appear like! This time, Ruby is cuffed about the ab bench with her feet involved in the stocks – her legs are unquestionably trapped in this position so she is unable to move! Ruby gets a number of tickling all over in this one, you start with her bare feet. Ridiculously ticklish, Ruby literally goes crazy. Lindsay lohan reacted so loudly that we was required to gag her after the first couple of mere minutes. Even through the gag, her laughing out loud is still very loud as she is hysterical for most of the scene! Ruby’s exposed armpits, ribs and abdomen get some concentrated tickling before the fixation goes back to her bare feet. Custom baby lotion is used, poor Ruby can’t cope at all and even clear away the lotion in drives a lady mad! She is also toe-tied and even tickled before some final tickling all over, including feet and upperbody at the same time. She is red-faced and breathless at the end – Ruby is an unexpectedly ticklish person and this is one and are generally her hottest scenes so far!