Gorgeous sexy and insanely ticklish Ruby Summers is back for a very intense tickle session. This time Ruby does get tickled in different positions, arriving in only a little thong to seducre her amazing body! First, Dark red is cuffed standing in generally the doorway with her arms hanging overhead. She gets excited all over her exposed steak, stomach, waist and underarms as she laughs hysterically and tries to get away. Big event first few minutes of stressful tickling, her arms generally cuffed at waist extent for some more upperbody tickling, before she goes into generally the double-stocks! With her arms cuffed across her and table legs and feet in the dép?t, poor Ruby can rarely move at all. Her high heeled shoes come off and her barefeet get some prolonged and ultimate tickling while she shouts and laughs. Ruby also can hardly breathe and when generally the electric toothbrush is used to seducre her toes, she literally shouts her head off! After a jiffy, Ruby is ball-gagged also but her reactions is merely as extreme as him bare feet get more tickling and then have baby remedy used on them too! It is always too much for Ruby, on the other hand the toe-ties are used , too and she is sweating in addition to dribbling through the gag ahead of the end… it’s an intense market but very hot too!