Glorious Portia returns to UK Tickling for an intense tickle workout session! Portia wears a sexy one-piece with sheer stockings which include a short satin dressing gowns. She is stretched out on the shiatsu massage chair with her legs raised, not to mention her arms cuffed while in the elbow. Portia is very ticklish and her reactions continue to be extreme at times as jennifer flicks from soft enjoying to play to screaming, thrashing close by and laughing hysterically! Portia’s nylon feet, legs not to mention upperbody are tickled not to mention her gown is removed to expose her body not to mention armpits. Her feet continue to be tickled with fingers aid hairbrush which has a great results! The nylons are powerful and her bare bottom part get tickled too, for example the electric toothbrush between the or. Finally Portia is modified onto her front not to mention her bare feet continue to be tickled continuously in the last short while with the baby lotion not to mention hairbrush making her outrageous once again!