Super-cute 18 year-old Portia makes her UK Tickling debut in this hot snap! Portia looks gorgeous using a little blouse and pad skirt, sheer tan leggings and heels. She is amazingly ticklish and she gets tickled all over in this first appear like, starting with the feet. Portia shouts as her nylon tip toes are touched and then gets results legs and upperbody since. Portia’s feet are tickled with fingers then the heated toothbrush and hairbrush. This goes from soft giggles to crazy hysterics due to the fact her ticklish spots are probably touched! Portia’s waist to armpits are tickled via fingers and the electric tooth brush too, which makes her pule pipe yaup and giggle. After a few more tickling on her nylon tip toes, the nylons are buff for some barefoot tickling in the last minute. A very cute first for this beautiful girl!