Gorgeous girls Becky and Portia are side-by-side in the stocks in this leading foot tickling clip! In turn girls wear little jacket tops with denim skirts over sheer tan tights and heels. They have unique wrists cuffed with shoes in the stocks, as their high heel sandals are removed and their shoes tickled. Both Becky with Portia are extremely ticklish troubles feet.. Becky thrashes as much as and gasps and a joke like crazy, while Portia marches from giggling to whaling and shrieking hysterically! There is certainly great views of their nylon material feet as they are tickled accompanied by fingers first and later the actual hairbrush. The brush drives just about every ladies crazy, but when the actual nylons are ripped with Portia’s barefeet tickled, the particular literally screams the place reduce! The electric toothbrush must be used as Becky’s barefeet really are tickled too and just about every ladies are tickled every single. It is hard to decide who is the bigger ticklish but they are left gasping for air and still laughing after truly finished. A short but extremely good foot tickling scene accompanied by two very sexy styles!