The woman and very ticklish Kelly Lewis is back for another tickle following as she goes into a double stocks for the first time! Kelly wears a sexy office clothe with a tight top, deeper skirt, tan nylons while heels. Her heels appear and her nylon little feet are tickled as she laughs and squeals! Kelly also gets some tickling on her legs and upperbody but this one focuses commonly on her feet, which are tickled with fingers, brushes as well as the electric toothbrush. Her little feet are very ticklish as she jerks around violently and makes some very high-pitched noises! Kelly’s nylon feet are toe-tied and tickled before your partner’s sexy barefeet get some tickling too (note: some of the first footage was lost forward of editing, meaning you don’t be aware of the nylon ripping here) Your second half of the clip features Kelly’s bare soles getting tickled with great views due to the fact she laughs like crazy. Sad Kelly is a sweaty depleted mess before the end including the final moments, she usually loses it as one just right her foot drives your partner’s mad! A very hot display for foot tickling supporters.