Now its Keeley’s select get her own back on her small-scale sister! Keeley couldn’t wait to allow them to punish Jade and she wastes little time at all in grabbing at your own feet and making her yell. Cuffed on her back, Jade will get lots of tickling on her nylon ft, before Keeley gets her table legs and upperbody too. Jade curses and swears at her metal, and the armpit tickling makes your own scream like crazy! Keeley uses i would say the electric toothbrush on Jade’s ft, upperbody and neck, before assaulting her with her fingers once again. Jade is soon exhausted and gasping for breath, but it’s not around yet as she gets worked face down for some more tickling all over! Keeley tickles Jade’s ft relentlessly, ripping the nylons and tormenting her bare soles for a few minutes before she is finished – a very crazy F/F scene with these two!