Beautiful and consequently unbearably ticklish ‘Jane’ (name change in clip description) returns up to UK Tickling and loses control fully as she gets tickled for fun back and then on her front! Helen wears a tight vest top and consequently leggings with knee boots and consequently socks over nylons. Jane’s shins are unrestrained for the first min as her boots are taken and her socked feet and consequently body get tickled. Jane screams and thrashes around wildly, forward her ankles are cuffed in the process! Jane is ridiculously ticklish and consequently can’t cope at all.. she joy, screams and struggles violently you should even breaking the restraints at the one that you want point. After a few minutes, Jane within the turned onto her front. With her nylon soles facing up, she’s even more ticklish and goes fully crazy as her feet, hip and legs and upperbody are tickled. Helen is so ticklish, even feathers tickle her through the nylons and when of the electric toothbrush is used she then shuts crazy. After some more upperbody and consequently foot tickling, Jane’s nylons are actually ripped for several minutes of bare dual-action foot tickling too. Her sensitive keep feet get tickled with arms and feathers, while Jane joy, struggles and pleads until the conclusion – it’s exhausting!