The of a two-part F/F tickle world featuring gorgeous girls Alex Adams and Jade Victoria. Alex grabs tickled in this first part. Noticed only a skimpy leotard and large tan nylons, Alex is stretched out and cuffed to the massage desk by her wrists and shins. Busty Jade tickles Alex basic body her hot body and synthetic feet, while Alex writhes but giggles. Jade is new to tickling, but she has fun finding the ticklish spots on Alex’s upperbody but playing with her nylon feet. Jennifer licks and sucks Alex’s synthetic toes and then tickles them with your fingers and the hairbrush. She reveals Alex’s boobs, and after some more tickling over her ribs armpits but neck, she rips the leggings and tickles her barefeet to boot. Alex ia a natural dom but can’t wait to get her own ago on Jade. Before she is let out though, I give Jade a new hand and we both double-team Alex in the last minute – a adorable and sexy scene with closet very hot ladies… more coming in position 2!