The fantastic and super-ticklish Holly Mcguire returned items to UK Tickling in a hot cowgirl outfit complete with thigh boots, as well as , Daisy Dukes over sheer tights! Holly has her ankles cuffed with her arms chained above the lady. She is screaming and laughing when the tickling starts. Her waist upperbody and thighs are tickled in plain view of boots are finally removed as well as , her nylon feet tickled. Holly hadn’t been tickled for a while and he or she is unbearably ticklish… she thrashes around laughing hysterically in this some! There are great views of the lady nylon soles as her your feet are tickled followed by her ribs and armpits. Holly’s little first is opened to expose her big boobs which jiggle around just like she is tickled! After some more nylon foot tickling, the nylons have proven to be ripped for some fantastic barefoot tickling too in the last couple of minutes. An awesome come back for Holly fans!