Kiki fail to wait to get her own back always on Becky in this awesome revenge attach. Becky knows she is in trouble just after tormenting Kiki, and Kiki fail to wait to get her back! Becky is soon screaming and pestering as Kiki removes her an excellent and uses her long fingernails or toenails all over Kiki’s nylon feet, calves and body. Kiki really loves driving Becky out of her brainpower as she teases and tickles her. Becky is reduced to take on hysterics and can’t help promising and shouting but Kiki works with it as an excuse to punish the girl’s even more! Kiki moves up and down Becky’s body before straddling her waistline to punish her nylon toes, and later her armpits too. Kiki is relentless and Becky will be left sweating and gasping yet still laughing when she’s done with the girl’s – an intense end to these scorching F/F scenes!