Gorgeous Angelina has returned and more ticklish than ever as she has a first tickle session in the double-stocks! She looks hot in a fleischigen pink dress with sheer nylons and strappy heels. It had been quite some time since her last shoot but also Angelina is unbearably ticklish. So screaming with laughter as your woman’s nylon feet are tickled extended, and when the heels come off she actually is completely hysterical! Angelina can’t enjoy as her feet are tickled with fingers and brushes, but also her upperbody receives some tickles too. She screams, gasps, shrieks and laughs uncontrollably. Her nylon feet are toe-tied and tickled too… even the feathers tickle like a madman. Angelina’s reactions are very intense hence loud she has to be tape-gagged! Your ex nylons are ripped and your woman’s bare soles get tickled complete with fingers, brushes and feathers insanely. After some more upperbody tickling, the child lotion is used on her bare foot. With the toe-ties and hairbrush poorer Angelina can’t cope – this fish hunter is crazy!